Old Gorhambury

Old Gorhambury House

The house was built by Sir Nicholas Bacon (1510-1579), who at that time was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

It is rumoured that when the Queen visited Gorhambury in 1572 she remarked ‘My Lord, what a little house you have gotten’ to which Bacon replied ‘Madam, my house is well, but you have made me too great for my house!’ This comment struck a nerve and Bacon built a galleried extension to the house for her second visit to Gorhambury in 1577.

The house passed to Sir Nicholas’s son Francis (1561-1626), who was a philosopher and statesman, serving as Lord Chancellor to King James I. The house was replaced by Gorhambury House in 1784 as Old Gorhambury had fallen into disrepair.

Opening Times and Access

Old Gorhambury can be accessed daily on foot or on bicycle from 8am to 6pm, providing that the permissive path Gorhambury Drive is open to the public.  Planned closures are shown on The Gorhambury Drive page.  

Access by car is limited to Thursdays from May to September, from 2pm to 5pm. 

More Information

Old Gorhambury is managed by English Heritage and more information about Old Gorhambury and similar properties nearby can be found on the English Heritage website.